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Our mission
• to be a society: setting up the first safety net of the user;
Client: provide accurate inspection and technical support to customers.
To shareholders: protect shareholders' rights and interests and repay shareholders' long-term interests;
For employees: build career platform, enhance their own value, and provide generous returns to hard working staff.
Our vision
• commitment to become a benchmarking enterprise in the testing industry;
We must have core competitiveness and sustainable development.
Our core values
Pursuit: sustainable development and core testing technology capability
• interests: collective struggle and common development
Staff members: conscientious and responsible and effective management
• spirit: responsibility, innovation, solidarity and cooperation
Execution: efficient execution, result oriented, and no excuse.
• communication: good faith, respect, compromise
If you join New Testing Centre Co., Ltd or Dongguan New Testing Centre Co., Ltd., you will enjoy a competitive salary, perfect welfare system,various training and learning opportunities, as well as rich and colorful spare life. Each employee in our company has the opportunity to bring his or her talent into full play,get the solid backing of work and life,so that we always can create a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Working Time
8 hours/day,5 days/week

Paid Holiday
All employees will be entitled for statutory paid holidays each year: New Year`s Day,
Tomb Sweeping Day,International Labor Day,Dragon Boat Festival,Mid-Autumn Festival,
National Day,and Spring Festival.If the holidays and weekends are overlapping,they`ll be arranged in advance or postpone,or according to government relevant regulations.Company can set the floating holidays without payment in its authorization,the floating holidays can be compound or non-coincident with the above holidays.

Annual Paid Leave
Everyone can enjoy more than 5 day-annual paid leave if he/she has been working for 1year.

Maternity Leave and Accompany Care Leave
Female employees enjoy maternity leave prescribed by the government,male employees enjoy 1 week of accompany care leave during spouse perinatal.

The salary is based on employee`s responsibility,the value created for company,personal comprehensive ability,working experience,educational ground and so on.In order to promote the company salary system more perfect,reasonable and competitive,company would audit and adjust on a regular basis.

Promotion and Rewards
In order to motivate employees to bring their ability ,talent and creativity into full play,consciously care about the interest of company,company would make a regular evaluation and assessment on employees` performance.Employees who have outstanding work performance will have the opportunity of promotion,as well as rewards,such as case award,sales award,commission,and jump pay every six month.

Other Welfares
According to the labor law and relevant regulations,company provides social insurance for employees,including endowment insurance and medical insurance.

Insurance: All employees join social insurance,besides,sales representative needs to buy accident insurance.

Travel and Staff Events: Organization to travel at least once a year,to dinner at least once a month.

Holiday: Within one year of women`s child-bearing,women enjoy a day paternity leave per month.
In the year of his lover`s child-bearing,according to the needs of his family,male employees enjoy a paid day per month.In addition,on Valentine`s Day,Women`s Day and similar days,there will also be proper holidays based on employees` needs.

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