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NTC is a professional testing service dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese enterprises. We can provide safety regulation, energy efficiency, EMC, performance reliability and chemical testing and certification services to help your household appliances meet the standards of North America and the European Union, gain market access and increase market competitiveness.
According to regulatory requirements, standard requirements and your specific requirements, we can provide comprehensive and rapid testing and certification services for your household appliances.
The output of China's small household appliance industry has maintained a stable growth rate, and the overseas market has become the main market of small household appliances. Therefore, how to successfully overcome various international trade barriers has become a topic of concern for domestic small household appliance enterprises.
Product range:
Electric towel rack, electric iron, electric kettle, indoor heater
Toaster, oven, toaster, microwave oven
Juicer, electric frying pan, induction cooker
Hair dryer, hair straightener, curler, hair plucker
Vacuum cleaner, water pump, garden pump, cleaning machine
Our certification services include:
UL certification, ETL certification, CSA certification, energy star certification, FCC certification, ices certification, CE certification, ERP testing, CB certification, GS certification, TUV certification, VDE certification, ENEC certification, ROHS testing, SAA, c-tick, CCC certification, CQC certification.
Advantageous service items:

test scope:
Products: UL standard EN standard
Soybean milk machine, portable mixer, juicer, electric knife UL982 EN60335-2-14
Coffee machine, rice cooker, Egg Cooker, baby food heater UL1026 UL1082 EN60335-2-15
Electric fryer, fryer UL1083 EN60335-2-13
Toaster, sandwich oven UL1026 EN60335-2-9
Vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner UL1017 EN60335-2-69
Towel rack, shoe dryer UL499 EN60335-2-43
Ceiling fan, table fan, exhaust fan UL507 EN60335-2-80
Switch UL1054 UL61058 EN61058
Hair dryer UL859 EN60335-2-23
Water pump UL778 UL1081 EN60335-2-41
Motor UL2111 UL1004 EN60034
Steam electric iron, electric iron UL1005 UL141 EN60335-2-3
Electric heater, electric blower UL1278 EN60335-2-30
Massager UL1647 EN60335-2-32
Water dispenser, ice maker UL399 EN60335-2-24

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