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Xin Sifang test (NTC) is a professional testing service provider dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese enterprises. It is a professional lighting testing service provider. We can provide safety regulations, energy efficiency tests and certification services to help your household and commercial furniture products meet the standard requirements of North America and the European Union, to obtain market access and increase the competitiveness of the market.

According to the requirements of the rules and regulations, standard requirements and your specific requirements, we can provide comprehensive and rapid testing and certification services for your household and commercial furniture products. We can provide local and commercial furniture inspection and certification services to Chinese furniture manufacturers according to the UL safety standard UL962, without any further delivery of products to North America for testing and certification. We can make relevant safety certification for household furniture, commercial furniture and furnishings, including commercial display, decoration and electric control furniture. In China, product testing and certification based on UL962 standards will enable Chinese furniture manufacturers to gain more opportunities to open up the North American market.

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