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Integrating sphere test parameters:
Electrical parameters: voltage, frequency, current, power and power factor;
Light parameters: luminous flux, light efficiency, PPF (plant lamp), PPE (plant lamp);
Color parameters: color temperature (CCT), display finger (RA, R9), color coordinates
NTC testing has accredited NVLAP (LAB CODE=600150-1) accreditation from the United States. It introduces Hangzhou remote haas-3000 high-precision integrating sphere spectrometer system, which is equipped with multiple sets of standard light sources and SP-20 plant spectral photosynthetic radiometer. It can provide LED lamps, modules, plant lamps and other integrating sphere testing services for LED manufacturers. In addition, it can provide start-1000 light source start-up time testing system, Lfa-3000 light source stroboscopic measuring instrument to test the starting time and stroboscopic data of the light source.

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