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Wireless and communication terminal equipment Wireless and communication products: The wireless spectrum resource is a very limited and valuable resource. Most countries or regions in the world make mandatory regulations and regulations on the effective use of spectrum resources for the wireless products entering the country or region. The product must prove to be in the market after it is in conformity with the relevant requirements. We can provide testing and certification services for the vast majority of wireless and communication products. Typical wireless and communication products: Wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, Bluetooth product, radio box, mobile phone, interphone, wireless microphone, cordless phone, wireless headset, Wi-Fi wireless network product, wireless remote control, wireless alarm, remote control switch, remote control toy, radio frequency identification (RFID), Zigbee, Wimax, base station, repeater, microwave relay equipment The wireless video transmission system and so on. Main certification standards for wireless products:

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country / region authentication request commonly used test standard
European R& TTE EN300 328; EN300 220; EN300 330; EN300 440; EN301 357; EN300 422; EN302 208; EN302 291; 893 893; 301489 301489 series of regulations.
American FCC ID FCC PART 15C; FCC PART 15E; FCC PART PART; "22"; "24"; "74"; "90"; "
Canadian IC RSS-210; RSS-119; RSS-118; RSS-131; RSS-133
Australian C-TICK AS/NZS 4268:2008
China SRRC the letter department has no [2002] 353; the letter department does not have [2005]423 number
Japan JRL Japanese radio wave method; ARIB STD-T66, ARIB STD-T93; ARIB STD-T91; ARIB-STD-T81 and other
Taiwan NCC LP0002


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