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1、 Introduction to EU ERP certification
ERP (energy related products), i.e. energy related products, is closely related to many important environmental impact factors in all links of its life cycle of production, distribution and use, such as the consumption of other raw materials and natural resources (such as water), the generation of waste, environmental pollution caused by the discharge of harmful substances into the environment, and related climate change caused by energy consumption.
The purpose of the EU's ERP directive is to formulate a coherent and comprehensive legal framework to specify the environmental design requirements of energy consuming products. The ERP directive stipulates that each member state shall designate a supervisory authority to exercise market supervision power over energy consuming products entering the market. The power exercised by the supervisory authority is usually reflected in three aspects: first, it can inspect the energy related products within the implementation measures and instruct the manufacturer to recall the products that do not meet the requirements; Second, require relevant parties to provide necessary information; Third, it has the power to sample from the market and conduct compliance inspection.
The obligation of Member States to inform the European Commission and other member states of the information obtained in a timely manner. This means that when an energy consuming product is prohibited from entering the markets of one or more EU Member States, the product will also be unable to enter the markets of other EU Member States.  

2、 Introduction to the implementation time of the new ERP regulation (EU) for lighting products 2019 / 2020
Effective time: December 25, 2019
Implementation time: September 1, 2021
The old regulation and its expiry date: (EC) 244 / 2009, (EC) 245 / 2009 & (EU) 1194 / 2012 expires on September 1, 2021
3、 (EU) scope of application 2019 / 2020
1. Applicable to:
1) Light source;
2) Independent control device;
3) Integrate the light source and independent control device in the product;
2. Not applicable to (points 1 and 2 of Annex III)
1) Products that do not meet the definition of light source or control device;
2) 13W and below double ended fluorescent tube T5;
3) Electronic display, such as TV, display, computer, mobile phone, etc;
4) Battery driven lighting products, such as flashlight, mobile phone flash lamp, light source in toys, battery driven desk lamp, solar garden lamp, etc;
5) Light source in spectral photometric measuring equipment;
6) Lighting products on bicycles or other non motor vehicles;
7) Light source for special environment and special equipment.
4、 ERP certification laboratory
Xinsifang testing (NTC), as a professional agency for EU ERP certification and testing organization, has complete instruments and equipment and senior engineering team. With rich project experience, it has formed a complete service system, and has obtained the authoritative American A2LA (5426.01) and American NVLAP (LAB CODE=600150-1) accreditation qualifications. It has the strength to provide all-round one-stop testing and certification services for our customers' products to obtain ERP certification, Help your products sell safely all over the world.

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