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as the global energy crisis and environmental problems become increasingly prominent, the voice of energy conservation and environmental protection is increasing in all countries. Many countries are tightening up a new round of energy efficiency plans to help better control the energy consumption, save the cost, protect the environment and improve the market level. Of course, at the same time, it also improves the technical barriers to energy efficiency requirements in international trade to a certain extent. For example, the European Union's ErP directive has been incorporated into its mandatory CE certification. In addition to the increasing variety of new control products in the existing energy efficiency laws and regulations of the United States, Australia, Canada and other western countries, China and other Asian countries have gradually increased their market access requirements for energy consumption products.
NTC luminaire laboratory has a 2000 square meter test site. Equipped with professional lighting test and certification engineers more than 20 people, with the international top lamps and lanterns testing equipment, 10 years for more than 1000 large and medium-sized lamps and lanterns production enterprises to provide testing and certification services. In terms of energy efficiency testing for electronic energy consumption products, especially lighting products, LED can provide Energy Star, DLC, the California Energy Commission of the United States (CEC), the European energy related product directive (ErP Directive) and other energy efficiency tests.
Xin tetragonal energy efficiency testing equipment
\ Hangzhou distant GO-R5000
Full space fast distribution photometer
\ Hangzhou far 2.0m integral sphere system
\LFA-3000 light source stroboscope
( comply with CEC regulation )
\ ringing wave simulator

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