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Introduction to environmental reliability testing
In today's society, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The focus of competition among brand enterprises is not only limited to the function and appearance of products, but also the product quality and reliability are paid more and more attention by the market and customers. In recent years, xinsifang testing has increased investment in environmental testing equipment and equipped with various environmental testing equipment. Through the use of various environmental test equipment to simulate the temperature and humidity changes in the climate environment, accelerate and stimulate the possible failure of the product in the service environment, so as to verify whether it meets the expected quality objectives in R & D, design and manufacturing, and provide the overall evaluation for the product to determine the reliability life of the product.
NTC environmental test laboratory has perfect safety test equipment, and the main equipment adopts international imported brands: it has many large constant temperature and humidity boxes, rapid temperature change boxes, large drying boxes, noise rooms, vibration tables, mechanical impact tables, drop tests, salt spray tests, waterproof and dustproof testers, and other environmental test equipment.
Scope of services
Customized reliability design and test scheme;
Professional reliability testing team tests your products;
Professionally answer all technical and test questions about reliability
Efficient on-site test arrangement and urgent issuance of product test report to solve your urgent needs;
One on one customer service specialist and technical engineer, let you feel intimate service in the test process. 

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