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Quality first chip UL 1576 safety standard for portable lamps and lanterns

In February this year, UL, the global certification leader with more than 120 years of experience, announced the launch of the safety standard UL 1576 for flashlight and lantern* products. UL 1576 aims to respond to the demand for safety standards for battery flashlight and portable lamp products, especially for products containing lithium-ion batteries, so as to avoid personal and property damage to consumers and reduce the risk of expensive product recycling and brand damage to manufacturers.

The following is the Q & A and sharing summarized by UL in combination with market feedback, hoping to help manufacturers have a clearer understanding of this new standard and get twice the result with half the effort in the design and testing process:
What products does UL 1576 apply to?
UL 1576 covers flashlight and lantern products used in non hazardous locations in accordance with ansi/nfpa 70 and powered in the following ways:
1) Secondary rechargeable battery
2) Universal primary battery (non rechargeable)
3) Battery / AC power supply
If the flashlight uses lithium-ion battery, how should the lithium-ion battery system be assessed?
According to UL 1576, the lithium ion battery system needs to meet the requirements of UL 2595.
Can the flashlight products powered by general primary batteries such as AA and AAA be tested with UL 1576? What is the power supply used in the test?
Flashlights using universal primary batteries can be tested with UL 1576.
In the test, in order to cover the maximum energy that a specific type of primary battery can produce, the specified battery capacity and limit short-circuit current value are achieved by DC power supply or special battery, and then by adjusting the impedance. This test method is called "artistic source" and will be introduced in the next version of UL 2595 standard.
Does UL 1576 accept the use of user replaceable rechargeable lithium ion batteries for flashlights?
No. UL 1576 requires lithium ion battery systems to comply with UL 2595. In UL 2595, the battery and charger form a charging system which has been strictly tested. Any change may cause the risk of fire or explosion. Therefore, the product is not allowed to be designed into a structure in which users can replace lithium-ion batteries at will.
Can work light and hand light apply to UL 1576?
The work light and hand light with power cord and plug and without battery are still tested with UL 153, but as long as the work light and hand light with battery are tested with UL 1576.
Can flashlight or lantern charged with USB be tested with UL 1576? What are the special requirements?
Flashlight or lantern charged with USB can be tested with UL 1576. The special requirements are as follows:
1. The length of USB cable shall not exceed 3.05M, and the flame retardant grade shall be at least VW-1 or FT-1
2. the charging interface must be marked with "USB" or USB identification
3. the label shall be marked with "use only with listed/certified information technology (computer) equipment", "use only with listed/certified ite power supply", or "listed class 2 power unit"
4. during the test, the USB interface uses a DC power supply with a parameter of 5.25 V and 8 a
5. the manual shall describe the USB connection mode and warn the user of the risks caused by using the power supply that has not been tested and approved
After the release of UL 1576, will the standard version change be involved for such products that have been tested according to UL 73 or other standards and have obtained UL certification?
It will involve the revision change of the standard. Usually, the new standard will come into force 2 to 3 years after the standard is published. Before the effective date of the new standard, the sample shall be sent to UL to determine whether it has met the requirements of the new standard.
*Lantern refers to common products, including tent lamp, wall lamp, horse lamp and other portable lamps
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